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We see you. Your heart yearns for justice. To see the oppressed set free. Your desire is for women to know their worth, their value. And we get it - you're in school full time. You're a mom, pouring your love into your littles. You're running a company and managing a staff. You're cultivating the area where you have been planted.

So, we invite you to join us. Shop UNCVRD and support the fight against trafficking.

Wear UNCVRD and spread awareness to your circles of influence.

Change the world.


we're  women  on  a  mission


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our vision

The vision of UNCVRD jewelry is simple: to bring hope, freedom, and restoration to women and girls living in slavery. Our goal is to work alongside our fellow freedom fighters to see labor and human sex trafficking abolished in our lifetime. Our jewelry not only financially supports the fight against trafficking by donating 40% of the proceeds from each sale to our partner non-profit organization, it is also a beautiful conversation starter to help spread awareness. We believe that hope and freedom are not luxuries, they are intrinsic rights to which every human is entitled. We believe that its up to each one of us to stand up for those who are vulnerable and voiceless, and to use our creative gifts to spark change in the world.


OUR impact

At UNCVRD jewelry, we strive for ethical "people first" business practices. We realize that not all survivors of sex trafficking want to be jewelry makers. The women that we work with have unique dreams of their own to become lawyers, designers, teachers, and business owners. One of the many ways we help them achieve their unique goals is by financially supporting a diversion program in partnership with the Long Beach Prosecutor's Office. This program works to break the mental and emotional ties the women have to their pimps, giving them a greater chance of success as they work to begin a new chapter and pursue positive, life-giving opportunities. UNCVRD jewelry has funded school registration feeds for multiple women to begin on their path to success. 

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bridging the gap

Human trafficking is an enormous, daunting issue and oftentimes, people don't know where to begin to make a difference. We strive to fill that gap by creating jewelry that our customers can wear knowing they have not only financially supported the fight against slavery, they are also spreading awareness to their circle of influence simply by wearing their favorite UNCVRD pieces. We love hearing customer stories of how they were able to share their passion for justice after receiving a compliment on their jewelry! Anna Lappe has said "Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want." When you shop UNCVRD, you're showing those around you that your heart and values are rooted in freedom and restoration. 

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My story


I knew human trafficking was a serious problem; we've all heard statistics and stories on the news. But to be honest, I didn't know what I could do to help and the issue was something that I felt very far removed from

However, when I started understanding human trafficking as our modern-day slavery, when I began to insert myself into the stories of these women and girls, I started carrying a piece of that burden with me. I imagined living with daily abuse, being stripped of my dignity and self worth, of being torn away from my husband and son. This broke my heart, and furthermore, caught my attention.

The realities of human trafficking are overwhelming and sickening, and are literally occurring right down the street from where I live in Long Beach. I am not far removed from it at all, and because it is such a massive, widespread problem, the truth is that none of us are. I felt a strong conviction to come alongside a local organization, Gems Uncovered, and the work it was doing in my community to fight human trafficking. I had to do what I could, with what I had, to fight it. I didn’t want to look back on my life, knowing that I had sat by and done nothing while millions of people around the world lived in slavery. I had to start somewhere, and do something.

This starting point came to fruition as the BEACON collection. Each handcrafted piece was named ‘light’ in the native languages of one of the top ten countries infamous for human trafficking. This collection was symbolic of being a beacon of light in dark places, which is exactly what Gems Uncovered is doing. Each time you look at the quartz fragment - the gem - on your UNCVRD necklace, be reminded that YOU are now a part of this light. We've since launched five unique collections, and are constantly seeking out inspiration for the future.

By purchasing UNCVRD jewelry, you are making a direct impact in the effort to end human trafficking. 40% of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to Gems Uncovered to help fund street outreach, programming for their survivors, preventative measures and more. Thank you for joining in the fight.

Here’s to healing. Here’s to change.


Founder & Designer