Gems Uncovered

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Youth  Workshops


Often times the most vulnerable youth in our communities are the ones who are targeted by traffickers. Over 80% of trafficked victims have experienced life in the foster care system, and 1 in 5 homeless youth will end up being trafficked during their time on the streets. Gems Uncovered understands the importance of educating youth about the realities of trafficking, and training them to see the signs and red flags before it’s too late. This is done through informative workshops and impactful, youth-led rallies in their communities called “Our Voice”. 

Free 2B Me


Free 2B Me is an eleven week Sexual Exploitation Diversion Program for women 18 and over.  It is designed to educate and empower survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. The Diversion Program includes ten weeks of Ending The Game© curriculum from Sower Education Group and one elective session of the participants choice.

Ending The Game is unique because it is survivor created and survivor informed. It provides the structure and framework needed to uncover harmful psychological coercion (a.k.a. “The Game”) that victims may have been subjected to during or before their exploitation experience. By revealing a sequence of commonly-used, yet seldom-explained, mind control techniques used by traffickers, sexual abusers, media and other coercive agents, we aim to empower victims to acquire skills and end “The Game.” In addition to the Ending the Game curriculum, participants have an option of selecting an elective session. 

There is REAL, life-changing power in being able to name what happened and see their experiences through a new lens. Most importantly, the women learn to take meaningful steps toward reclaiming their personal power, rewriting their own destiny, and embracing true survivor hood.  After the successful completion of the eleven weeks they celebrate their participants with a party, gifts, and surprises.

Street  Outreach


Gems Uncovered equips and sends volunteer outreach teams to the streets in Long Beach, Compton, and Los Angeles. They provide small care bags which include hygiene items, resources, encouraging messages, and gifts. They have become an anchor of consistency over the past five years, faithfully going out rain or shine. They offer to pray over every person they encounter, and strive to demonstrate love in a positive way. 

Women's Jail Ministry

Gems Uncovered has recently begun a new program inside the Women’s County Jail called “Journey Out”. This Diversion Program is similar in nature to the Free 2B Me program, and works to educate and empower the women who take part in the course. The women learn to take meaningful steps toward reclaiming their personal power, rewriting their own destiny, and embracing their lives.


It was the highest priority to partner with an organization that we trust. We trust Gems Uncovered, the work they do, and their staff. They have a proven track record of changing lives, and we've been fortunate enough to see that first-hand. We believe in their mission and their vision as an organization, and have seen women literally transform and blossom through their programs. 

The mission of Gems Uncovered is to rebuild lives affected by Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation by offering resources, counseling, awareness and education in a safe, nurturing and loving environment.

Their vision is to activate a healthy confidence and equip each survivor with tools to enable them to soar and achieve their dreams and walk in their purpose.

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our newest partner on the prevention front

"This is what BRAVE Global seeks to do: Prevent. To reach young girls before they are reached by anyone who would try to exploit them or enslave them. We believe this is the key to them realizing their potential, unlocking the key to their future, and to living a life of freedom.

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INTROducing uncvrd's newest partner

As many of you already know, January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. For the past year or so, the more I learned about human trafficking and anti-trafficking efforts, I kept coming back to one thing - PREVENTION. What if we were able to reach our community's most vulnerable and at-risk girls BEFORE the pimps and traffickers? What if we were able to equip them and impart meaning and value into their lives BEFORE someone tried to exploit them?

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Equality and Dignity are a value based social justice strategy. In a culture that say people are expendable and everything and everyone has a price the Brave Campaign holds this incredible transforming truth that all people - every single person is created with purpose and value intrinsically. No matter the circumstance of one’s birth or the things that have happened or even things that people have done - nothing can ever take away this ‘sacred truth’ of people's value. To a vulnerable population group that has heard a very different message their entire life this pillar has the power to transform the way we all think about each other and the way we act. Brave holds the ground that says, ‘we see you and you matter’. That’s a powerful pillar for change. 

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HOPE & empowerment with noemi chavez

Hope and Empowerment says "we believe in YOU, you can do it!"  This pillar offers a foundation in the lives of girls which provides a launchpad for goals and dreams.  One of the most powerful ways that a person experiences hope is when they learn from another that their personal pain and challenges are not exclusively their own. What only makes this even more impactful is the stories of overcoming. Knowing that you are not the only person that has suffered the pain of abandonment and abuse, and that you can hear someone share a similar story, carrying similar scars and yet speaking up without a feeling of isolation and unearned shame can be transformative in the life of a young woman.  Brave Global is committed to telling these stories, to making them heard.