Hearts in Action

When I started my business two and a half years ago, it was quite honestly a total leap of faith. I had zero experience in jewelry making or how to run a business - much less how to START a business from the ground up. What I did have, however, was a deep desire to be a part of the solution to human trafficking. I had made enough mistakes in my life to know that this pull on my heart was not one to ignore. 

With the help of COUNTLESS friends, I have been privileged to release seven unique collections to date. With each new collection, I've tried to be intentional about communicating our mission through the names of the pieces and through social media - but I was constantly not feeling satisfied with how our impact was coming across. 

Before releasing this NEW Summer 17 collection, I knew I had to find a way to better articulate how your purchases were making an impact. I have been so blessed to personally see your purchases and donations in action. I see the stories come to life firsthand. I hear constantly about how lives are being changed. But I knew this information wasn't being accurately relayed to my customers - the ones behind UNCVRD who were actually making everything happen! I thought long and hard about how I could better connect your purchases and hearts to the tangible things that Gems Uncovered is doing in our community, and I'm so happy to announce the four Impact Areas that are tied to this collection. 

Each piece of jewelry is linked to a program that Gems Uncovered offers - Street Outreach, Youth Awareness And Prevention Workshops, the NEW Women's Jail Ministry, and the Sexual Exploitation Diversion Program in partnership with the Long Beach Prosecutor's Office. Look for the ways that each piece in this collection can change a life and for the program that it supports to do so. #myjewelryCAN

I can say, without a doubt, that your purchase are helping to change lives. I invite you to visit our IMPACT page and learn more, and I also invite you to SHOP the NEW Summer 2017 "Freedom Falls" collection. Let me know what you think! Which pieces are on your Summer Wishlist? 

I am beyond grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for the hundreds of you who have partnered with UNCVRD in bringing about light, love, change and hope to the amazing women we have been and are going to be blessed to journey with through Gems Uncovered. Thank you. I love you!!! 






P.S. A special, enormous THANK YOU to our stunning model Amalia, our beautiful and talented makeup artist Nichole, and my soul sister and resident photographer extraordinaire Shauna of Maple and Elm. Also thank you to Marissa at Symbology Clothing and Christina at Citizen & Darling for providing the beautiful, ethical and sustainable wardrobe for this photoshoot. 

Without you ladies, this wouldn't have happened. xx

Bad Ass Babes

I'm a history nerd. I studied Ancient Rome and Latin in college, and worked on an archaeological dig in Tuscany for a number of summers. I love looking at the past, and learning from those that came before us. 

When it came time to design #UNCVRDholiday16, I was constantly being bombarded by election stuff. Articles being pushed through my iPhone, passionate posts on Facebook - it was everywhere. So much of what I was seeing everyday on the news was making me feel like I had stepped into a time machine....taken back a solid 60 years when people were not treated as equals, due to the color of their skin, or where there family came from. Haven't we learned? Haven't we seen the irreperable damage that this view can cause? Day after day, I was reminded that the answer was a resounding "no".

I want to be on the right side of history. I don't want to look back when I'm old and grey filled with regret over times I stayed silent, times I didn't act while people were being oppressed and abused. It got me thinking about the brave women who came before us, who stood up against all odds for what they knew to be right. These female abolitionists endured ridicule and even abuse all for the sake of equality and freedom. This was during a time when women were still expected to be seen and not heard, yet they still used their voice and their resources to join together and put systems into place that would change the lives of so many. It wasn't viewed as cool, trendy, or Instagram-worthy, but they didn't care. They were rebels.

Each piece in this collection is named after a historical female freedom fighter that personally inspires me to stand up and use my voice and my talents to make a difference. I invite you to SHOP the collection and LEARN more about these incredible bad ass babes.

Let's be like them. Let's be rebels.




#RebelRomance #lifeUNCVRD