Hope + Empowerment with Noemi Chavez

Girls will learn that THEY get to choose their future - not their abuser, not the pimp, not the absent parent.

Hope and empowerment. We believe in you. You can do it.

Take a moment to think about what makes you feel hopeful...when do you feel the most empowered? Do you have family and friends in your corner to tell you that they believe in you and that you can do whatever you put your mind to? Even having ONE person to speak this truth over you during difficult times can alter the course of your life. 

Now take another second to imagine your life without this encouragement. Think of the last hard thing you went through...what if you had no one to push you, to cheer you on, to help you see all that you were capable of? 

We were made for community, for relationships. We are at our best when we have others to link arms with through the good and the bad. 


I watched this past weekend as thousands of women marched together to express the desires of their hearts, and their hopes for the future (and the now). Regardless of where you fall on the myriad of issues politically, I'm willing to bet there was something inside you that felt stirred by the solidarity that was exhibited all across our country. We are better together. 

To help us dive deeper into this pillar, I got to interview Noemi Chavez. Noemi is the Brave Global Founder and Pastor of 7th Street Church in Long Beach, California, where the first Brave Conference was birthed! She is a wife, a mother, a powerful teacher, and her heart for the hurting and marginalized in our community is nothing short of inspiring. 


Now to take us through hope and empowerment - here we go with my friend, Noemi Chavez.

Can you tell us about Pillar 2?

Hope and Empowerment says "we believe in YOU, you can do it!"  This pillar offers a foundation in the lives of girls which provides a launchpad for goals and dreams.  One of the most powerful ways that a person experiences hope is when they learn from another that their personal pain and challenges are not exclusively their own. What only makes this even more impactful is the stories of overcoming. Knowing that you are not the only person that has suffered the pain of abandonment and abuse, and that you can hear someone share a similar story, carrying similar scars and yet speaking up without a feeling of isolation and unearned shame can be transformative in the life of a young woman.  Brave Global is committed to telling these stories, to making them heard.  

What are some practical ways we can get behind this Pillar? 

Be an encourager to every girl and young woman in your world. Let her know you believe in her future and put up a personal fight for her dreams and goals.  Show them your scars, let them know that they too can be overcomers. And then, partner with us in taking Brave Global throughout the world.  We are committed to gathering girls in foster care, probation and from all backgrounds because after all, every girl is at risk.  

How does this pillar relate to the fight against trafficking?

This pillar provides keys to freedom. Some of the women on our stage have been trafficked and their stories open the eyes of awareness to the audience. Girls will learn that they get to choose their future, not their abuser, not the pimp, not the absent parent.  When a girl hears a story of a victim that has reached out for help, and is now a freedom fighter for others, has a career, or is raising a healthy family of their own, it lets her know that those responsible for her pain are not the ones who get to decide her future.  Perspective, knowledge and stories combined are powerful paradigm shifters.   


A huge THANK YOU to Noemi for taking the time to help us understand the power behind this pillar. I'd love for you to like and share this with your community. For every purchase this month, we are donating one Brave Global journal to an at-risk girl - our goal is 30 journals, and we are just over halfway there!  To learn more about this initiative, check out THIS blog post. To start shopping, click here!

To connect with Brave Global, visit braveglobal.org and @braveglobalinc

To connect with Noemi, visit 7thstreetchurch.com and @noemichavezlbc

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