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I knew human trafficking was a serious problem; we've all heard statistics and stories on the news. But to be honest, I didn't know what I could do to help and the issue was something that I felt very far removed from

However, when I started understanding human trafficking as our modern-day slavery, when I began to insert myself into the stories of these women and girls, I started carrying a piece of that burden with me. I imagined living with daily abuse, being stripped of my dignity and self worth, of being torn away from my husband and son. This broke my heart, and furthermore, caught my attention.

The realities of human trafficking are overwhelming and sickening, and are literally occurring right down the street from where I live in Long Beach. I am not far removed from it at all, and because it is such a massive, widespread problem, the truth is that none of us are. I had to do what I could, with what I had, to fight it. I didn’t want to look back on my life, knowing that I had sat by and done nothing while millions of people around the world lived in slavery. I had to start somewhere, and do something.

By purchasing UNCVRD jewelry, you are making a direct impact in the effort to end human trafficking. 40% of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to our local partners to help fund street outreach, programming for their survivors, preventative measures and more. You can learn more about how our partners are combating slavery here. Thank you for joining in the fight.

Here’s to healing. Here’s to change.





Jen Bedrossian

Founder & Designer