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Jewelry To End Slavery

Since 2014, the UNCVRD community has supported the fight against human sex trafficking here in the United States. Together, we have donated 40% of our proceeds to our local non-profit partners who work tirelessly to end modern-day slavery. Our mission is to bring awareness to the fight against slavery and empower women and girls by cultivating our creative gifts. Awareness has grown significantly over the past few years, but we still have a long way to go. Our vision is to see human sex trafficking abolished in our lifetime. Jewelry isn't going to change the world, but we're fully convinced that the women who wear it will. 

Handcrafted To Last

Each piece of UNCVRD Jewelry is carefully handcrafted using high quality metals, gemstones and crystals. We strive to create pieces that will withstand years of love and wear - to fit your busy lifestyle. 


Empowering Women To Reach Their Dreams

Community Impact

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The Fight Against Trafficking

At UNCVRD we believe in supporting the work of our carefully selected, local non-profit partners. Gems Uncovered is loving people to life through street outreach, their life-changing diversion program, and transformative aftercare resources. Brave Global is on the prevention front, serving girls in the foster care system through empowerment conferences, powerful resources, and a revolutionary message of hope for a brighter future.

Inspire Others, Spread Hope, Ignite Change.

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What does it mean to live UNCVRD? To us, it means being confident in who YOU are, fully authentic and alive. Seeing and accepting others for who THEY truly are. Living generously. Shining bright for the world to see. Embracing our gifts and talents. Empowering others. Community over competition. Compassion AND action. #LiveUNCVRD